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Mid -Term Camp

Mary Cahill

Mid –Term Camp at Avoca  N.S.

A Mid –Term Camp will take place at Avoca NS on Thursday, 21st of and Friday 22nd of February. It will run from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Half –day options are also available. This camp is open to all students in the school. It will consist of indoor and outdoor sporting activities, arts and crafts. A nutritious meal and health snacks are also provided. It is being run by KidsInc- the people who provide the afterschool childcare. For more information or to book please phone Natalia on 086 1592141 or email See attached flyer for further details.

Kids Inc have  also included more flexible options in relation to the Sibling and Homework Clubs for the remainder of the year. See fee schedule below.


Fees Payable monthly


Sibling Club 2pm – 3pm

Monthly Fee

5 day-€138

4 day-€119

3 day-€95

2 day-€66

Homework Club 3pm – 4pm


4 day-€104

3 day-€80

2 day-€55










Maths Week at Avoca N.S

Mary Cahill

Maths Week at Avoca N.S. took place from the 15th to the 19th of October inclusive. The school was a hive of activity. Children were seen huddled in groups having passionate debates about solutions to Maths problems which kept ‘cropping up’ in various places around the school environment. Following these hot debates, children put their answers into the solution boxes. At the end of the day, all correct answers were entered into a draw. The lucky winner received a lovely prize. 3rd to 6th took part in a Maths Treasure Trail. They all worked extremely well trying to unearth the clues as they looked for Maths in the school environment. Many thanks to Ms Creaton for organising the activities for this week.

Attendance Awards

Mary Cahill

Each year the school presents Attendance Awards. Last year 17 children achieved full attendance, seven children missed one day only and ten children were absent for only two days. Well done.

Pop Up Shop Shop

Mary Cahill

Pop Up Shop.

Avoca National School will be holding a Pop Up Shop at the school on Thursday, April 12th, 2018. This event will start at 7.p.m. and finish at New and nearly new clothes, shoes and bags for ladies will be on offer at the knockdown price of €5 euro per item. This is an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate your wardrobe for next to nothing. There are also some lovely pieces of jewellery for sale on the night. Maureen, the proprietor of ' Maureen's Accessories' in Gorey will give a demonstration on how to accessorize outfits for special occasions. This demonstration will take place at 8.p.m.

Entry for this event is €5  and this includes a free glass of Prosecco and complimentary raffle tickets. If you are looking for a night out with the girls that won't cost the earth, please drop in to see us. This event is being run to raise funds for an all-weather playing surface at Avoca National School. Your support in helping us to provide a better playing space for our young children would really be appreciated.


Senior Infant Science Experiment.

Mary Cahill

The children learned all about parts of plants, the life cycle of an apple tree and participated in a Science experiment. We put lemon juice on one apple and left the other one without anything. The children observed this for the day and concluded that the lemon juice prevented the flesh of the apple from going brown. 


Senior Infants- Aistear Theme; The Estate Agents

Mary Cahill

Our Aistear theme 'The Estate Agents' was incorporated into many subject areas. In our Maths lessons we focused on Data. We sorted houses into categories, recorded the amounts and represented them on our  pictograms. We then discussed our findings and identified the most,the least, how many more and how many less. In order to develop our vocabulary on this theme we identified specific objects relevant to each room of a house. We used catalogues to find specific furniture and appliances. Afterwards, we cut and pasted the pictures into the appropriate rooms on our house plans. Our English lessons involved writing up leaflets advertising different types of houses. This month Senior Infants have been learning about different types of homes and dwellings. During Aistear one of our stations involved making a dwelling from junk art. During this activity, we have learned that there are many different types of homes for example bungalows, detached houses, semi-detached houses and apartments. Senior Infants named their street 'Lucky Street'

Christmas Cheer

Mary Cahill

The teachers have been working really hard with the students at Avoca N.S. marking the celebration of the forthcoming feast of Christmas. They have been producing beautiful art and practising cheery songs. The pupils are looking forward to performing their concerts on Thursday. All the children and staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

Junior and Senior Infants Trip to Ovoca Manor

Mary Cahill

On December the 7th the Junior and Senior Infants went on a visit to Ovoca Manor. They were given a great welcome and made some lovely Christmas crafts while they were there. The children also saw Ovoca Manor's production of the Nativity play. Many thanks to Ovoca Manor personnel for the invitation and the warm welcome. The children really enjoyed the trip to Ovoca Manor.

Senior Infants at the Café

Mary Cahill

Ms O' Neill's Senior Infants have been very busy working in the Café during 'Aistear' time. They have been busy putting menus together and making sandwiches for the customers. There was a great variety of sandwiches on offer from jam to chocolate spread. The customers were very pleased with the tasty sandwiches prepared by Senior Infants. The Café is very busy as it is coming up towards the Christmas holidays

Senior Infants at the Café

Mary Cahill

Ms O' Neill's Senior Infants have been learning about all aspects of running a cafe during their Aistear play. Taking part in 'Role Play' on this topic has been an enjoyable and educational experience for them. They learned how to compile a menu. The class also learned how to make their own playdough and then used this for making food in the cafe. In addition to this, they used their procedural writing to write recipes for making the playdough and making Rice Krispie Buns (which they enjoyed, thank you very much!). Ms O' Neill's class also learned how to make toast and then wrote the instructions for this task. The children used Maths for measuring the amounts needed for the various recipes. Senior Infants also enjoyed decorating the menu they had made through the medium of print. They used vegetables and paint to put the pretty prints onto the sides of the menu cards.

Playball at Avoca N.S.

Mary Cahill

This  year the Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Classes are participating in playball classes. This is part of our Active School programme. Playball is noted for helping children to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Here are some pictures of the children having fun and getting some exercise in this morning's playball session.

Book Week

Mary Cahill


The school book week took place from the 23rd to the 27th of October. We had a visit from Robert Marsh, a published children’s author. Thanks to Ms Byrne for orgainising this visit. Dress Up Day took place on Thursday, 26th. The standard was extremely high and all of the costumes  truly deserved a prize. However, difficult decisions had to be made and the following emerged as winners from a very stiff competition; Ellen Kennedy, Joe Sinnott,Simon O’ Connor, Ben Kennedy, Maya Coyne,Bláithin Kavanagh, Ciaran Moore, Riain Christian,Abaigh Mableson,Nicole Kavanagh,Alannah Nic Craith,Aimee Fox,Conor Healy,Niamh McGeachan,Cead Hendley-Muller,Alan Byrne, Grace O’ Reilly and Aoibheann  Donnelly. Well done to the 6th class who orgainised a fantastic array of games and treats in the hall for all of the other classes. Games such as ‘Name the Skeleton, Shoot the Balloon and others ‘ went down a treat’.


Aistear in Senior Infants.

Mary Cahill

Senior Infants have been extremely busy learning all about working in a Post Office. We have been busy weighing parcels and selling stamps to the customers who have written letters and cards. We have been learning our shape names as customers bring all sorts of packages to post at our Post Office in the Senior Infant room.We have to weigh them and stamp them. We have excellent postmen and women who deliver the parcels as quickly as they can.

Maths Week At Avoca N.S.

Mary Cahill


Ms O' Neill's Senior Infants have been very busy this week. We took part in a 'Shape Trail'. All of the class worked like detectives, unearthing shapes such as cubes, cuboids, squares, spheres and rectangles. We were split into groups and went hunting in the school find the shapes. Once we had found the shapes, we went back to the classroom and recorded the shapes that we had found on our worksheets. We all worked well in our groups and helped each other to find the shapes in our school environment.

Senior Infants

Mary Cahill

Ms O' Neill's Senior Infants have been reading a story called 'The Owl Babies'. When they heard about the owls they decided to make some owl collages using black paper for the background and white for the owl babies. The Senior Infants cut out templates using their hands as a guide. They then arranged these so that the would look like the owl babies from the story who were called Sarah, Percy and Bill. The Senior Infants really enjoyed this story and art activity.


Junior and Senior Infants on Tour

Mary Cahill

It was definitely a case of 'Rise and Shine in the Early Morning ' for the Junior and Senior Infants from Avoca National School. 48 enthusiastic children had gathered in the school yard by 8 a.m. to board the bus to a place called Imaginosity based in South County Dublin. The bus journey was alive with chatter. The children arrived at Imaginosity and proceeded to travel a journey based on pure imagination and joyful interaction with the myriad of play opportunities presented to them. After a very busy morning of play, the group rested and partook of lunch under the lovely sunny skies. It was time to board the bus to make our way home, but one other surprise awaited this group. On our way home the bus driver was kind enough to stop and let us play at the lovely children's park in Ashford. A great day was had by all the children. Thanks to Mrs McGrath and Ms Kinsella for organising this outing. Thanks to Ms Creaton and Ms Griffiths for accompanying us on the day. More pictures can be seen in the gallery.