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School History

Avoca school is situated on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Avoca in Co. Wicklow. The ‘new’ school moved to its present site in 1979.
Prior to that the school was situated in the heart of the village in what is fondly referred to as the ‘old’ school. The ‘old’ school was the location used for the filming of the world famous television series “Ballykissangel”. Indeed, many visitors still call to the ‘old’ school and they are surprised to find ‘no one home’!

However, Avoca has many other claims to fame. The village first developed in response to the large numbers who came to work in the area as a result of the discovery of valuable mineral deposits and the establishment of the famous Avoca Copper Mines (circa 1710).

Other famous Avoca associations include the baird Thomas Moore (1779-1852) who made “The Meeting of the Waters” famous in his Irish melodies published in 1808.It is also reported that Percy French visited Castlehoward on the occasion of his marriage.

More recently the name Avoca has evolved into a brand name synonymous with a retail chain of shops and restaurants whose origins lie in Avoca village where the original handweaving shed and shop still prosper. Today, Scoil Náisiúnta Phádraig Naofa remains the only primary school in Avoca. It therefore serves a wide and diverse community. The school is a co-education school with a current enrolment of 218 pupils. Numbers in the school have increased in recent years as a result of new housing developments adjacent to the school. Many of these new households provide a base for people who commute countrywide and indeed some commute all over the world. Such an increase in student numbers required extra accommodation. Therefore, the ‘new’ school extended with the addition of two new classrooms, a car park, a new ball court and a football pitch.

Once more the life of Avoca Village is reflected in its school with the arrival of new families, new ideas and new ways of living and working.

It all contributes to the rich woven tapestry that tells the story of Avoca’s history.