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Avoca N.S. at the Athletics

Mary Cahill

24 children from Avoca N.S, competed at the Wicklow Invitational Schools event in Avondale on Tuesday, 20th of November. Our school was represented by Helen, Niamh,Casey Maya, Prince,Lucas, Sean O’ N, Ryan D,Aimee F,Aimee W, Rebecca, Irene, Rocco, Liam Jack, Michael, Ryan, Josh, Conor, Jack,Keeva, Carrie, Eve and Rebecca N. They had a fantastic day and competed well in their respective races. Well done to Helen who came first in her race.

World Champions in Avoca

Mary Cahill

The learning community at Avoca National School would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Paddy (6th class ) on becoming a World Champion in Kickboxing . This World Championship was held at City West at the end of October. Paddy fought off stiff opposition from the Canadians to earn a gold medal and a World Champion Title. Paddy’s dedication to his sport has certainly paid off. Well done, Paddy. Paddy also took a silver in the points fighting contest of the Kickboxing competition.


Boxing News

Mary Cahill

Donnacha from 6th class was chosen to represent Arklow Boxing Club at an international event at the Wildcard Boxing Club in Manchester. His opponent was a boy called Mike Duffy.It was a tough fight which went to three rounds. Donnacha represented his club and school well. He thought that it was a fantastic experience. He brought in his trophy and showed it to the entire school at Monday’s assembly.


Donnacha's Prize Winning Story

Mary Cahill

Donnacha from 6th class wrote a Halloween story for a competition in the Arklow Library. He won a prize. Please take a few moments to read Donnacha’s story below                                                       




“Where are we?” said Zach to his friends, Paddy, Kian and John. No one answered. He looked over and didn’t see them. They had got lost the night before so they set up a camp.

He went outside the tent and heard someone saying. “ Leave, leave, leave”. Zach shouted “Who is out there?!”The voice just continued whispering “leave, leave, leave.” Zach went back inside the tent and tried to think of old stories about the forest remembered a story about a demon.

A satanic cult carried out rituals to summon a demon which was called “The Goatman”. Zach remembered being told about people going into the forest and finding bodies with goat skulls as heads. He was terrified to leave the tent. He was sweating and hyperventilating.

After an hour he finally decided to leave and scout the area. Roughly 30 metres away he saw something hanging from the trees. When he got closer to investigate he realised it was John’s corpse with a goat’s skull for a head. His body was as white as snow and his fingers purple. Underneath where he was hanging  there was something written with rocks. It was LEAVE.

Zach was terrified and started bawling his eyes out. He started sprinting back to the tent. On the way back he thought he saw a man with horns and dark red eyes. He knew the ‘The Goatman’ was real. He was terrified he started crying.

For the rest of the day he didn’t move. He was too scared. The next day he peaked out of the tent and saw ‘The Goatman’ walking then turning into dust. He walked over to the opening ignoring his conscience telling him to go back . When he got to the opening he saw a faint light in the distance. He strolled over and saw an old broken shack. He heard someone shouting “Zach Help!!” then another shout “Quick,Quick!!” Zach realised It was Kian and ran in. He looked around and realised the light wasn’t on anymore. He heard a splat downstairs. He tiptoed to the stairs and hurried down, his heart was beating out of his chest.

He turned around and saw Kian with a goat head on his shoulders he thought that it must have been rushed because the head was half way off his shoulders. There was a room on the other side of the basement. The door started creaking open. Zach (even though terrified) stumbled over boxes and books to get to the door .He heard a stamp of a hoof inside. He still pushed on.

Inside the room he saw Paddy’s lifeless body on the ground with ‘The Goatman’ ripping his head off and pulling a goat skull out of, a pile.

He then threw Kian’s head into a different pile beside Paddy’s head. Zach tiptoed up to the Goatman trying to surprise it, but it turned around and pounced on Zach.

Zach screamed and hit back. But the Goatman was too strong with its large claws. It cut into Zach’s face, belly and legs. Zach started feeling weak with all the blood escaping from his body. With one last effort to defend himself he gorged one of his eyes out, but it did nothing.



                                              THE END


Cool Dudes Cookery Course

Mary Cahill

6th class are taking part in a 6 week practical cookery course. This a ‘hands on’ course. Last week they made smoothies. This week they made soup and scones. We would like to thank Ann and Hillary from the HSE team for introducing and conducting this course with us

Book Week 2018

Mary Cahill

Avoca National School celebrated Book Week in style from Monday ,October 22nd to the 25th inclusive. On Monday the school held a ‘silent reading’ gathering in the hall. We also had the author Alan O’ Neill come and visit us on Wednesday. He read from his own work entitled ‘ The Beautiful Feather’. for the younger children and held a writing workshop for the older children. All classes participated in the poster competition and the winners were announced on the Wednesday. Thursday was our ‘dress up day’ and our ‘end of month’ treat day. . The standard was extremely high and all of the costumes  truly deserved a prize. However, difficult decisions had to be made and the following emerged as winners from  very stiff competition: Jayden Doyle,Aiden Fleming,Laragh O Callaghan,Eoghan O’ Reilly,Abaigh Mableson, Adam Connolly,Aoibhean Donnelly,Glen Murphy,Lily Bolger,Hannah Cawley,Fiachra Hegarty,Rebecca Nolan,Lauren Pender Barnes,Hannah Andrews,Abby Moore ,Leah Fox, Megan Porter,Freya Reddy,Molly Doyle and Joe Sinnott. Well done to the 6th class who orgainised a fantastic array of games and treats in the hall for all of the other classes. Games such as ‘Name the Skeleton, Shoot the Balloon and others ‘ went down a treat’.TThere are a tiny selection of pictures from our Book Week to be seen below.

Maths Detectives

Mary Cahill

4th class have been very busy working as Maths Detectives. They have been scouring through catalogues trying to find the best value for money . They have been busy checking for real value on their calculators.

3rd and 4th class blitz

Mary Cahill

Just under fifty very excited 3rd and 4th class children boarded the bus to the Inter School Blitz in Aughrim. A total of 10 schools took part in this event. Avoca had 4 teams and each team played a total of four matches each. The children really enjoyed themselves playing football and meeting children from the other schools. Thanks to Ms Rachael Byrne and Ms Amy Roche for organising and supervising the children on the trip

Gaol Jersey Day

Mary Cahill

On October 12th we hosted GOAL Jersey Day at Avoca National School. Children and teachers could wear their favourite sports jersey. We had an amazing collection of team jerseys in the school on the day. Donations were made in aid of GOAL and a very generous €350 euro was donated. Many thanks to Ms Corcoran for co-coordinating this event

Maths Week at Avoca N.S

Mary Cahill

Maths Week at Avoca N.S. took place from the 15th to the 19th of October inclusive. The school was a hive of activity. Children were seen huddled in groups having passionate debates about solutions to Maths problems which kept ‘cropping up’ in various places around the school environment. Following these hot debates, children put their answers into the solution boxes. At the end of the day, all correct answers were entered into a draw. The lucky winner received a lovely prize. 3rd to 6th took part in a Maths Treasure Trail. They all worked extremely well trying to unearth the clues as they looked for Maths in the school environment. Many thanks to Ms Creaton for organising the activities for this week.

6th class visit to Avoca Mills

Mary Cahill

6th class accompanied by Ms Van Eesbeck and Siobhan went to visit the original Avoca Mills located at the bottom of the visit. They had a very enjoyable and informative field trip. They met the staff who worked in the weaving section and were shown many examples of fine woollen goods which are woven on site at this mill. 6th class were also gifted some lovely pieces of yarn which will be used during Art and Craft activities in school. Avoca National School are extremely thankful to Avoca Mills for hosting this enjoyable and informative visit.

End of Month Treat

Mary Cahill

6th class were very busy organising the first ‘End of Month Treat’ of this academic year. They decided to organise and hold ‘A Best Buddy ‘ Competition for the 1st to 6th class children. Roan O’ Neill and Kian Fluskey emerged as overall winners. They treated the Junior and Senior Infants to an novelty Obstacle Course where everyone was a winner!

U9's Fundraising Event

Mary Cahill

The St Pat’s U9 Soccer Team had great fun participating in a Hell and Back Event at Kilruddery Estate on Sunday 30th of September. They told great stories about their adventures at this morning’s Assembly. Many thanks to the following who participated in this event:  Ceitinn Cardiff, Jayden Doyle, Ryan Doyle, Ruairi Fleming, Kyle Fluskey, Darragh Harper, Conor Healy, Evin Kinsella, Thomas Nolan,James O’ Keeffe, Sean O Neill, Sean Og O Neill, Lucas Reid and to Melissa Fluskey, Paul  O’ Keeffe and Nicola Fleming for their input into this project. Well done to these boys and their mentors for using their own initiative to organise this project. I would be grateful if you could return the sponsorship cards by the end of this week please.



Junior Infants

Mary Cahill

Welcome to the Junior Infants who have joined us this September. They have settled in very well and we wish them a happy and fruitful eight years at Avoca National School. We also wish to extend a special welcome to their families.

Winners All Round!

Mary Cahill

Well done to the Avoca Boys team who participated in a Football Blitz in Aughrim G.A.A grounds on Friday 28th of September. They won all of the five matches that they played. Well done to Donnacha, Cormac, Josh, Jack,Jake, Paddy, Kian,  Joe, Lee, Niall and Adam .  Many thanks to Ms Corcoran and Martin Kenny for their great work with this team


Attendance Awards

Mary Cahill

Each year the school presents Attendance Awards. Last year 17 children achieved full attendance, seven children missed one day only and ten children were absent for only two days. Well done.

Science Tour to C.B.S- Arklow

Mary Cahill

The 6th class accompanied by Ms Van Eesbeck and Siobhan took part in a 2 hour Science Module at the Christian Brothers Secondary School in Arklow. The class got an opportunity to dissect animal parts and also got to carry out experiments on the effect of heat on Materials.Many thanks to the C.B.S for hosting this.

After School Child Care

Mary Cahill

We  are delighted that KIDS INC after school care will begin onsite in Avoca National School on Thursday 30th August 2018.  Please visit their website for further information or contact them on 01 6215790.  After school care will be available from 2.00pm - 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Children from other schools welcome.



Mary Cahill

We are currently taking enrolments for the coming academic year. If you would like you child to join Avoca N.S. please do not hesitate to email us at  or phone 0402 35331

Pop Up Shop Event

Mary Cahill

The ‘Pop Up Shop’ Event was held at Avoca School last Thursday, 12th of April from 7 to 10 p.m. It was deemed an excellent night out by all those in attendance. This event was organised as a fundraiser to help raise money to put an all-weather surface on our pitch. The whopping total of €4,215 was raised. This  is down to the excellent organisational;  skills of Kalinda Healy, with assistance from her hardworking committee, Caitriona Healy, Grainne Brady, Melanie Goodship, Nessa Whelan, Caitriona Morgan, Agnes Strahan, Terry Murphy, Michelle Byrne, Jo Anne McLoughlin, Pamela Bracken  Pam Short, Sharon O’ Connor,Vivienne Connell and Veronica Barry among others. The school community is very grateful for all of your hard work and support with this project. Many thanks to all of the staff of Avoca N.S. for your help at this event. We are grateful for the sponsorship received from the following: Clara Lara Fun Park, The Woodenbridge Hotel, Red Door Fitness, Yum Cake Shop, Arklow  Bay Hotel. Mickey Finn’s Brewery, The Meetings Pub, Dora Tinsley, Agnes Strahan, Pamela Strahan, Mrs Kavanagh, Michelle Byrne, Josephine Kenny, Grainne Brady and Kalinda Healy and Caitrona Morgan,Burren Jewellery, Avcoca Handweavers and Freddie Hamilton Catering Kilcole.