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Donnacha's Prize Winning Story

Mary Cahill

Donnacha from 6th class wrote a Halloween story for a competition in the Arklow Library. He won a prize. Please take a few moments to read Donnacha’s story below                                                       




“Where are we?” said Zach to his friends, Paddy, Kian and John. No one answered. He looked over and didn’t see them. They had got lost the night before so they set up a camp.

He went outside the tent and heard someone saying. “ Leave, leave, leave”. Zach shouted “Who is out there?!”The voice just continued whispering “leave, leave, leave.” Zach went back inside the tent and tried to think of old stories about the forest remembered a story about a demon.

A satanic cult carried out rituals to summon a demon which was called “The Goatman”. Zach remembered being told about people going into the forest and finding bodies with goat skulls as heads. He was terrified to leave the tent. He was sweating and hyperventilating.

After an hour he finally decided to leave and scout the area. Roughly 30 metres away he saw something hanging from the trees. When he got closer to investigate he realised it was John’s corpse with a goat’s skull for a head. His body was as white as snow and his fingers purple. Underneath where he was hanging  there was something written with rocks. It was LEAVE.

Zach was terrified and started bawling his eyes out. He started sprinting back to the tent. On the way back he thought he saw a man with horns and dark red eyes. He knew the ‘The Goatman’ was real. He was terrified he started crying.

For the rest of the day he didn’t move. He was too scared. The next day he peaked out of the tent and saw ‘The Goatman’ walking then turning into dust. He walked over to the opening ignoring his conscience telling him to go back . When he got to the opening he saw a faint light in the distance. He strolled over and saw an old broken shack. He heard someone shouting “Zach Help!!” then another shout “Quick,Quick!!” Zach realised It was Kian and ran in. He looked around and realised the light wasn’t on anymore. He heard a splat downstairs. He tiptoed to the stairs and hurried down, his heart was beating out of his chest.

He turned around and saw Kian with a goat head on his shoulders he thought that it must have been rushed because the head was half way off his shoulders. There was a room on the other side of the basement. The door started creaking open. Zach (even though terrified) stumbled over boxes and books to get to the door .He heard a stamp of a hoof inside. He still pushed on.

Inside the room he saw Paddy’s lifeless body on the ground with ‘The Goatman’ ripping his head off and pulling a goat skull out of, a pile.

He then threw Kian’s head into a different pile beside Paddy’s head. Zach tiptoed up to the Goatman trying to surprise it, but it turned around and pounced on Zach.

Zach screamed and hit back. But the Goatman was too strong with its large claws. It cut into Zach’s face, belly and legs. Zach started feeling weak with all the blood escaping from his body. With one last effort to defend himself he gorged one of his eyes out, but it did nothing.



                                              THE END