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Senior Infants- Aistear Theme; The Estate Agents

Mary Cahill

Our Aistear theme 'The Estate Agents' was incorporated into many subject areas. In our Maths lessons we focused on Data. We sorted houses into categories, recorded the amounts and represented them on our  pictograms. We then discussed our findings and identified the most,the least, how many more and how many less. In order to develop our vocabulary on this theme we identified specific objects relevant to each room of a house. We used catalogues to find specific furniture and appliances. Afterwards, we cut and pasted the pictures into the appropriate rooms on our house plans. Our English lessons involved writing up leaflets advertising different types of houses. This month Senior Infants have been learning about different types of homes and dwellings. During Aistear one of our stations involved making a dwelling from junk art. During this activity, we have learned that there are many different types of homes for example bungalows, detached houses, semi-detached houses and apartments. Senior Infants named their street 'Lucky Street'