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Fourth Class and the Stone Age

Mary Cahill

We have been busy learning about the Stone Age in 4th class.

1.We learned that there were 3 periods of the Stone Age: 1. Paleolithic, 2.Mesolithic and 3. Neolithic.

2. The Stone Age people used wooden and stone tools.

3. A modern man’s brain is three times bigger that the brain of an early Stone Age man.

4. Stone Age people did cave paintings. A discovery in Lascoux, France was made. Lots of cave paintings were discovered.

5.Stone Age children did not get to go to school.

6. Their clothes were made out of animal skins

7. They had to hunt for their own food.

8. Their houses were made out of wood, wattle and daub.

9.The Stone Age began in Ireland at Mount Sandel, Co. Derry.

The Stone Age people first lived along the coast and ate fish for survival.