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Kacey's Prizewinning Story

Mary Cahill

Kacey Kirwan from 6th class wrote a Halloween story for a competition in the Arklow Library. She won a prize. Please take a few moments to read Kacey’s story below                                                       


“It’s a brightly lit night, the moon is shining through the dark clouds and I run through the hospital barely making a sound. I reach the morgue. I fiddle with the master key and after some struggle the door swings open. I grab what I need and sneak out the door.I race home coughing and spluttering from the stench of the bloody limbs and organs.

When I reach my lab, I begin to stitch the limbs and organs together.” I shall call it PROJECT X” I bellow. My words echo through the lab.It starts to twitch and moan, the sound echoes through the halls. Then it sits up and begins to mutter “H- Hello “.It tries to stand up but collapses to the ground. Then it begins to crawl and scratch my leg.I scream and leap on to the table and start beating it off with a broom.It bites at the broom,yanks it out of my hand and them starts to eat it. I am confused as he has no teeth yet.I scram and I shout till it crawls into the corner and I sedate him. Three years filled with experiments, fear and happiness. Later X is speaking and walking… He cannot speak much English but is fluent in Italian as I had given him the brain of the ‘Doctor Ecablo’ an Italian scientist. X is crying while doing his homework.”Sún ono Idiota” he screams and runs out of the room and up the grand staircase to PROJECT X.2’s room.I run after him and faint in horror as he ate X.2’S lifeless body, slurping the liquid out of the carcass barely stopping to breathe.

I open my eyes slowly, shaking my arms and legs… I try to stand but I am shaky and cold. I don’t hear anything but I feel something crawling up my leg.. I look down and scream. X.2’s paw is crawling up my leg"! I can’t get him off.”HELP ME!” I can’t breathe… I’m shaking and I can’t breathe… They both appear and start to devour me… I shake and stir as X and X.2 tuck into my carcass… X and X.2 run out with my blood dripping out of their mouths.

I am still able to think and slightly able to move. I am in a great deal of pain.I can’t speak but I’m screaming loudly in my head, so loud that it starts to shake and then suddenly a bloody X is sitting and in his mouth is a woman’s head. A fresh kill for X as her lifeless eyes roll around in her head till nothing but the whites of her eyes are showing. The mouth is gasping open and I squeak in fear of her blood dripping on to my body… I hear X rustling in the drawer. I feel him stab a needle in to my wound and start to stitch it.He lifts me and places me on the operating table, then he grins a sickening grin and walks out.

I have healed and well at that.”Don’t worry, Lucas” I say to my grandson as he bombards me with questions about X, X.2 and the lab. I answer them with a childish grin on my face. “Time to sleep MR X.3” I laugh and carry him to bed.” But Grandaddddd!” he moaned” I want to hear more about X!” “No! I’ll tell you more tomorrow about X. Now, sleep!”. I place him down and turn off the light.”Good night, I love you” I whisper as he dozes off. I look out the window as a howls and I see a young boy run to the top of the hill and howls with it “ Good boy X”