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Third Class visit Egypt.

Mary Cahill

Ms Creaton's Third Class have been very busy doing projects on Egypt. Here is an account of their work written by Aimee Fox.

"Everyone did their project in a different way. For example, some people made their project in book form, others made pyramids and others used large sheets of chart paper. Here are some of the facts that I learned...

Fact I- Tutenkhamun is the world's best known Pharoh. He ruled Egypt from the age of nine to eighteen. His death was a mystery.

Fact 2 -The slaves who helped build the pyramids were poor. The pyramids had mazes and the slaves knew their way around the mazes. They tried to use this knowledge when they went in to rob the tombs.

Fact 3- Make up was important to both men and women. They wore heavy kohl on their eyes and covered their faces with creams and oils.