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Fifth Class and an Eggsperiment'!

Mary Cahill

Ms Corcoran's fifth class have been very busy of late with their 'eggsperiments'. They wanted to find out if the egg would bounce.They worked very well as a team and here are some of their findings.


5th class recently carried out an experiment where we created a bouncy ball using an egg. We did this by leaving a hard-boiled egg in vinegar mixed with food colouring for 3 days in a dark place. We also did the same with a raw egg to compare the results. The calcium carbonite in the shell dissolved into the vinegar giving the egg a hard rubbery texture. We tested the egg by throwing it, starting off with low drops. We threw the egg higher and higher then we threw it through the basketball hoop. The egg did not break until after many, many throws. We had loads of questions about different things that would happen when the egg was left in different conditions. We left another raw egg in just water with no vinegar. None of its shell came off. We enjoyed our ‘eggcellent,’ experiment.

By Fiona Daly & Nicole Kavanagh